Windy Dryden on Self-Acceptance Vs Self-Esteem 

November 28 - Conway Hall, Holborn - 18.30

At this meet up Professor Windy Dryden will present a seminar on self-acceptance and how this is a healthier concept than self-esteem. This will be followed by some live sessions with volunteers, hopefully relating to the topic of self-acceptance.

Self-acceptance is crucial to our happiness. Unless we can accept ourselves for who we actually are then we cannot be content. Self-acceptance is the art and practice of accepting ourselves “warts and all” with our successes and failures, our strengths and weaknesses, rather than constantly striving to change into who we “should” be.

In this seminar Professor Dryden will cover:

Why self-acceptance is the rational alternative to self-esteem
Common emotional problems that lead to poor self-acceptance and self-depreciation
The attitudes that lead to poor self-acceptance and self-depreciation
The subjects that we often put ourselves down about
The situations where we often put ourselves down
The effects on our relationships with others
The importance of unconditional self-acceptance
Developing a realistic view of ourselves

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This meet up is co-hosted by Nicola Martin MSc


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