All students who participate in training agree that:

  • This training course consist of five-weekend long sessions: 10 days in total.

  • If you are unable to make any day of training you will should seek prior approval from City CBT at least 2 weeks in advance of the session to be missed. In general, you should expect that a maximum absence of two days be approved. All other absences will be marked as unauthorised.​

  • Two or more unauthorised absences will result in an automatic failure

  • Students who miss a training day (authorised or unauthorised) will be required to arrange and attend a 'catch-up' session for each day of training missed. This session must occur before the next scheduled weekend training begins to ensure the student is up-to-date. These will be charged in addition to course fees at a rate of £300 per day of training missed. Failure to attend a catch-up session for any missed training may result in course failure

  • Part of the Training Criteria stipulates that students complete two supervision sessions. Both supervision sessions must be completed by the coursework submission deadline. Failure to have attended two supervision sessions by the deadline may result in failure of the training. One session is charged at £175 and must be paid in advance and is an additional cost to the course and registration fees.

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