Learn evidence based skills to help you manage your life more effectively and promote maximum happiness.


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Family Dispute

Managing Divorce

1 day workshop

Small intimate groups

Nobody enjoys divorce! This workshop is all about keeping yourself on an even kiel while going through the process and emerging stronger. 


Topics include:

  • Why divorce is so painful

  • Why people behave so badly during the process

  • Setting clear goals and objectives

  • Dealing with the emotional 'fall-out'

  • What to do and think when the process gets tough

  • Helping your children to emotionally cope

  • Planning a brighter future

Please be ensured that this workshop will be run with sensitivity and with confidentiality.

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Group Picture

Be your best!

1 day workshop

Small intimate groups

During this workshop we will be exploring ways to maximise your potential and happiness.


Topics include:

  • Choosing the right goals

  • What to do with your goals once you've made them

  • Planning - creating actionable activity

  • Turning your plans into habits

  • Commitment to self

  • Rewards and penalties

  • Coping when it doesn't work out

  • Understanding what will make you happy