Developing high performance mindsets


With years of experience as an International Trader, Nicola understands the dynamics of working in a high-pressured corporate environment.  


She consequently trained as a therapist and coach whilst raising her young family and quickly progressed to becoming a trainer.

Completing a Masters in Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (RECBT) gave Nicola the deep understanding and appreciation of the benefits of the cognitive behavioural approach with regard to coaching in the corporate environment.


Nicola combined her learning, experience and expertise to launch City CBT. This platform enables Nicola to apply cognitive behavioural techniques to help clients to optimise high performance mindsets, build resilience, enhance creativity and increase productivity.

She a member at the Association of Coaching and her Coach Training Course is also accredited by them.

Why Cognitive Behavioural coaching?

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) focuses on changing the two areas that as human beings we have control over:- namely our thoughts and behaviours.  It shows people how to change their philosophy so that they can adopt realistic, logical and pragmatic thinking into their professional and personal lives.  This in turn will lead to robust, constructive behaviour and resilience.  Its overall aim is to create a culture of co-operation, creativity and enthusiasm - which are the real drivers of success.

The emphasis will be on psycho-education rather than motivation to ensure clients  are psychologically able and have the competency skills to deal with 'tough' challenges.  

Coaching is no longer viewed as a 'luxury' or some form of 'peripheral activity' but as an essential management and leadership tool.