The City CBT Diploma Qualification

To be awarded our CBT Coaching Diploma the following criteria needs to be met:-

  • Successful completion of 12 days (60 hours) training.  If you are unable to attend a class for any reason the tuition must be made up in a way to be agreed with the City CBT office
  • 2,000 word case study
  • 2,000 word Personal Coaching Model
  • One audio recording of a live coaching session with transcript and a 1,000 word critical review/reflection – different from the case study
  • Supervision – Minimum of 2 sessions validated by completion of a log signed by your supervisor. The supervision fee to be paid directly to your Supervisor and is additional to course costs
  • After each weekend a series of learning outcome questions is to be completed by the student prior to the next training weekend to ensure that they are assimilating and understanding the information presented
  • During the course, it is expected that the building blocks of CBT will be practised in between weekends to consolidate the learnt skills

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