With a variety of mood monitoring apps now available on Android or Apple devices, what was once a time-consuming task is now easier than ever. But what are the benefits of mood tracking?

1. Trigger Spotting

By monitoring the patterns of mood throughout the day you may be able to identify the negative influences that trigger a dip in mood, and become more aware of the warning signs that signal a drop in well-being is likely.

2. Identifying Mood Boosters

In addition to your triggers, you may find positive strategies that help you to feel well. You can also monitor the impact of any intentional positive steps such as meditation and exercise.

3. Gain Some Control

If you are experiencing anxiety or depression, it can feel like your well-being is outside of your control. Keeping a mood diary is an easy to implement step towards regaining a sense of power over life.

4. Create A Wellness Plan

Armed with the information in your mood diary, you will be better equipped to make a well-being plan. Develop strategies for avoiding triggers, plan to incorporate activities that positively influence your mood, and be ready with coping mechanisms when you spot your well being deteriorating.

5. Make Your Health Professional Happy

Your mood diary will be a gold mine of information for your mental health professional. A mood diary will provide them with an instant hit of information to get your relationship off to a flying start.

Once incorporated into your daily routine, mood tracking can be an invaluable tool to track and enhance your mental health.