CBT is a proven technique that is able to assist those with a variety of personality disorders including bipolar issues. It usually takes place in the shape of one-to-one counselling sessions and can also work well in group sessions. Here we take a look at how and why it works particularly well with individuals who are suffering from bipolar personality issues.

How CBT Works

Essentially, CBT focusses on the individual’s problems and how they react to these events. Once these have been identified, they can be classed as either healthy or unhealthy and dealt with accordingly. Lifestyle choices may be tweaked in order to assist the patient with moving on from this disorder and a strong support system needs to be applied throughout and after the treatment.

How to Find CBT Treatment

If you believe that you are suffering from bipolar personality disorder and would like to investigate available CBT treatment you should first speak with your GP. There are plenty of public and private practices that carry out this treatment and once you find the most suitable one for yourself, you can begin your CBT treatment.

There are zero side effects known from CBT treatment for bipolar disorders and you may prefer the one-to-one treatment or perhaps group therapy is a better fit for your own requirements? There are many disorders that have been proven to react favourably to CBT training and the way that this treatment allows individuals to recognise and deal with their own issues without the need for medication is certainly a healthy option.