If you display most of these qualities, with the right training and guidance, you could become an excellent coach.

1. You are the Go-To Person for Guidance

If colleagues are showing up at your desk looking for help with management or performance issues, they value your input. Stop giving your skills away for free, and use them to create your new career.

2. You’re not Afraid to Ask Questions

Often it can be scary to be the person in the boardroom asking ‘dumb’ questions. If you have the courage and curiosity to ask meaningful questions, you can cause your clients to reflect and think differently about a situation.

3. You are a People Person

If you find it easy to resonate with people, then you have a talent for empathy. A career in coaching would make good use of those skills.

4. You Love Watching Others do Well

With a coaching career, you can be rewarded with more than money. The best coaches get a real kick out of helping a client unlock their true potential and achieve great things.

5. You are a Quick Thinker

During a coaching session, you will need to think on your feet and adapt quickly to the information your client presents to you. If you prefer routine and scripts, then coaching isn’t for you.

A great coach is a blend of opposites: Calm and methodical, yet a lightening quick thinker; a people-centric person who enjoys building relationships, but isn’t afraid to speak up, challenge perceptions or ask questions. If you can blend all these skills, a promising career in coaching awaits.