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City CBT now offers specific in house training for businesses and organisations. Use our expertise to help train and coach your personnel for optimum results.


Nicola Martin MSc

Professor Windy Dryden

Phil Pearl







An exceptional opportunity to train with Professor Windy Dryden, internationally renowned expert and leader in the field of Cognitive Behaviour Coaching , Nicola Martin MSc and Phil Pearl

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Coaching has been shown to pay for itself six times over

Training with City CBT

We provide top speakers and lecturers to deliver a series of training topics that will give your employees the tools to be more effective not just in the work force but in their everyday lives.  We cover the following:-

How it works

Step One – We will arrange an initial meeting where we will discuss your needs and ascertain how we can add value to your organisation.

Step Two – We will draw up an agreement showing you how we can meet your needs

Step Three – We will implement your needs

Step Four – We will have regular two way feedback

Coaching with City CBT

We can supply individual coaches to meet the needs of individuals.

Coaching has now become an acceptable part of the workplace as organisations become aware that it is often their employees that give them the competitive advantage over their business rivals.  Coaching is an enjoyable process that energises individuals to perform better and to enjoy their work more.  It encourages individuals to focus on areas that they wish to improve in.  Coaching works well with those undergoing challenges but also with ‘star performers’ who wish to excel further.  Coaching in business can:-

  • Have a significant impact on staff retention
  • Reduce absenteeism and sickness
  • Give a return on investment (ROI) six times over
  • Create happier employees that are more productive, creative and innovative
  • Help employees be more adaptable and flexible in a rapidly changing global environment
  • Add value to a successful company by helping it achieve greater triumphant results
  • Enable employees to treat each other with respected dignity to help prevent grievance led complaints

We use traditional models for coaching but a large focus of our attention will be on using Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) techniques which are considered by many to be the best process for coaching. Cognitive Behavioural Coaching is derived from the empirically proven techniques of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) which is approved by the NHS and NICE and is now often a standard for businesses.

What we require

  • We can only work effectively with individuals who are open to taking responsibility for their lives and are willing to put in the required effort to make effective changes.
  • We ask that you are honest and open with us about your needs and give us appropriate feedback.
  • We require that a suitable room is provided for our coaching sessions and training. Alternatively the coaching may be done at a suitable nearby venue eg a hotel coffee lounge

What we charge

Our charging policy is very simple:-


  • One Day Training days are £520 + VAT per person. We require a minimum of 6 attendees per day
  • Two Day CBC Introductory Course £1,500 + VAT per person (minimum of 6)


  • £500 + VAT per hour for director level
  • £350 + VAT per hour for all other levels


Who will do the lecturing? click here to find out about our business coaching faculty.

What to do next

Contact Alison Thornton by email or phone 020 8675 1598 to arrange for your free of charge meeting