Coaching is now viewed by many ‘not as a luxury’ or some form of ‘peripheral activity’ but as an essential management and leadership tool. Numerous professions use coaches as a matter of course – think singers, actors, gymnasts, footballers and tennis players. Nobody thinks it is peculiar for a tennis player to have a coach. It is now accepted that many business individuals will employ a coach to:-

• develop their career paths
• enhance their communication skills
• make more money
• improve their relationships
• resolve adversities

We know that organisations are literally losing millions of pounds when employees are depressed, anxious, angry, unmotivated or procrastinating. According to the 2016 HSE report, stress accounted for 37% of all work related ill health cases and 45% of all working days lost due to ill health. One of the main contributory factors causing work related stress is lack of managerial support.

So how does a business effectively support its workforce to avoid stress? The answer is helping employees develop mental toughness and resilience and this can be achieved through cognitive behavioural coaching (CBC).

CBC specifically targets the only two areas of our life that we have control over, namely, our thoughts and our behaviours. It shows people how to think and behave and trains them to adopt realistic, logical and pragmatic thinking into their business and personal lives that will lead to an increase of pro-active and constructive behaviour.

This is done by using an ABC model (Activating Event/Situations, Beliefs and Consequences) whereby we examine an individual’s modus operandi when confronted with adversity. We know that it is the evaluated beliefs at ‘B’ that lead to the consequences at ‘C’. It is not, as many people believe, the activating event at ‘A’ that leads to the consequences at ‘C’. As the famous Greek Stoic philosopher, Epictetus stated ‘ it is not what happens to you but how you react to it that matters’.

So if a happier workforce is a route to a more successful and profitable business, CBC is the fast track tool that helps create that workforce.

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Nicola Martin MSc is founder and senior lecturer at City CBT Cognitive Behavioural Coaching College in London.
She and world-renowned CBT expert and academic Professor Windy Dryden run the Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Diploma. The training starts on 21st October over six weekends. The Diploma is recognised by professional coaching bodies.