City CBT work as partners with the Professional Development Foundation (PDF) in the development of their programmes.

This enables our candidates to take advantage of its accreditation with Professional Bodies and UK universities.

Our training will enable you to use a fast track membership application to relevant professional bodies.  We have designed our course so that additional assessments are not required.

In order to be awarded the City CBT Diploma and achieve accreditation from the above bodies you need to complete the following assessments:

Assessments required:

  • Successful completion of 12 days (60 hours) training.  If you are unable to attend a class for any reason the tuition must be made up in a way to be agreed with the City CBT office
  • You will be required to show that you have covered the programme as above and maintain a reflective diary
  • On the basis of your study and practice you will be required to provide a model of practice (2,000 words)
  • In addition, you will provide an overall review of your learning also of 2,000 words
  • One case study (2,000 words) will also be required to show that you are effectively using the learning in your practice.
  • One audio recording of a live coaching session with transcript and a 1,000 word critical review/reflection – different from the case study
  • You will be required to keep a log of your coaching (which will need to be signed as a true reflection of your work,) and commit to the code of ethics of one of the approved professional bodies.
  • SupervisionMinimum of 2 sessions validated by completion of a log signed by your supervisor. The supervision fee to be paid directly to your Supervisor and is additional to course costs
  • After each weekend a series of learning outcome questions is to be completed by the student prior to the next training weekend to ensure that they are assimilating and understanding the information presented.



  • The number of hours required varies between professional bodies so it is important to consider which association you wish to join at the start of the programme.   Our course covers the educational requirements needed to join relevant professional bodies.  We will provide input to help you make the decision as to which professional body would be best for you.

University Award

For the university award the course covers one module of two required for a Post Graduate Certificate. You are required to undertake a further short project of 4000 words for the second module. You may also use this as part of a Masters in Coaching.

For those who would wish to convert their study with us into a UK post graduate qualification please ask us about the process.

Essentially this will involve completing the above assessments but an additional fee is payable to cover university assessment (amount to be advised).

Continual Professional Development

City CBT is committed to providing professional high quality training and strongly encourages a minimum of 36 hours continual professional development (CPD) per annum.

We sponsor The UK CBT Meet Up Group that hold regular CPDs in Central London.  We strongly recommend attendance. For professional membership it is a requirement that you outline your CPD plan as part of the award.


Supervision is an integral ingredient to becoming the best coach that you can.  We recommend a minimum of one supervision session per month.  To make best use of it you need to ensure that it is thoroughly contracted.  A potential contract guideline will be provided.